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THIS IS A POEM WHICH TELLS THE STORY OF A BOY WHO DISLIKE RUNNING ERRANDS THUS THE FUNNY BEHAVIOURS AND ACTIONS OF THE BOY ARE SHOWN IN THE POEM. THE ERRAND BOY I’d love to wake up in an early morn Out just to witness the dew Even in the sun, I’ll prefer plucking a corn Errandery, oh! It drives all joy away Even in it’s minutae I’ll rather die facing a scorn. Now that the razzmatazz of nature feels like vindaloo Tossed around like a lost nylon, it gives no time to play And day by day this will pry. No time to fish , no time to swim oh! It drives all joy away Oh! Mother give me a break Errandery has gotten my peace dry Am dripping sick , I lied When she’s out,I sneak to lake. Happiness is restored at least in mild.


BLEEDING HEART Whose blood is this that waste Like the water from a mistaken Open tap? Oh Romeo of our ages! Why hath this befallen me? You vow to be my ever lover And I place you in my heart Forever and ever I put you in a place where You will not shiver But your heartless action caused Me Lassa fever I put you in a place where blood flows Thinking you will enhance My psychological growth But you appear a predatory Night Owl And pierced my heart with A poisonous Arrow Now my heart bleed of betrayal Betrayal of such a damsel Seems peculier Peculiar in the sense of immemorial Whose fault is it that am dying As romeo the lover. © Adedamola Quadri Adeniyi All Right Reserved 2016


ITS A POEM CUM ARTICLE WHICH DESCRIBE THE FACT THAT MANY PEOPLE ARE NOT BORN WITH A SILVER SPOON BUT AS TIME GOES ON,THEY TEND TO MAKE A WOODEN SILVER WITH THEIR HARDWORKING AND STRUGGLE. IT ALSO MOTIVATES THE MIND OTHER POOR NOT TO FEEL BAD BECAUSE OF THEIR PREDICAMENT BUT WORK HARD TO MAKE THEIR OWN SILVER SPOON EVEN IF ITS WOODEN. WOODEN SILVER Who said that we said that you ain’t saying it? Our breast milk taste like sweat. Labour via labour,our armpits drip salts. For the little we have,the hawks will steal Flattering wings to take our spoils. At the other end, behold silver spoons were shared Shared like bread to the fortunate. Nothing to show for ,we had not one. Our face squeezed to the reverbs of poverty Our backs pierced with the pangs of hard work Edibles played hide and s...Read More


ENJOY SHORT POEM OF THE DAY TITLED: DO YOU KNOW ME? BY ADEDAMOLA QUADRI ADENIYI. ALL RIGHT RESERVED. DO YOU KNOW ME? I am the son of a crown the prince of prince In me lies a traditional diadem with the charms of ancestral Immortality from the gods. I am the the ray of the sun that bright up the day of man, The subordinate moon that illuminate the dark night. The dark darkness that impact knowledge into the head of a duller to view the hidden light in the face of murk. I am that beautiful rose planted in the soul of your heart to circulate pure love into the blood of your vein. I am the enigmatic creature that live no life but dwell Between the heaven and earth. I am the learning poet that write to divert your mindset from the perspective of evil unto the favor in goodness and benevolence....Read More

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