Trump to undergo physical examination early 2018

The White House has said that U.S. President Donald Trump will undergo a physical examination while promising to allow the results to be released. Trump will be examined by a doctor at Walter Reed, a military medical center, “scheduled for the first part of 2018,” said White House press secretary Sarah Sanders. “Those records will be released by the doctor following that taking place,” she added. Sanders’s announcement came a day after Trump appeared to get a dry mouth and slurred his words when delivering remarks on Wednesday, leading to questions about the president’s health. “There were a lot of questions on that, frankly pretty ridiculous questions,” Sanders said. “The president’s throat was dry. Nothing more than that.” Trump’s predecessors typically underwent annual physical examinat...Read More

Mom refuses to let her child be taught by a ‘fat teacher’

British journalist Hilary Freeman was searching for a nursery for her daughter — but when an overweight caretaker tended to her child at one of the trials, she knew the school wasn’t for her. Despite describing the woman as “kind and great with children,” Freeman couldn’t fathom the idea of leaving her child in her care. “She was only in her 20’s, but she was already obese — morbidly so. She moved slowly and breathlessly, her face flushed,” Freeman wrote for the Daily Mail. “Would she, I wondered, have the lightning reflexes needed to save an adventurous toddler from imminent danger?” Freeman later opted to send her daughter to a school where “the staff are all a healthy weight” — yet she denies her decision was in any way discriminatory. “What sort of unhealthy habits would she teac...Read More

Boarding school owner charged with abusing teenage students – AP

The owner of a boarding school for teenagers coerced one student into a sexual relationship, had girls undress during “body image therapy” sessions and put some students in solitary confinement for days, Iowa prosecutors alleged Friday. Former Midwest Academy director Benjamin Trane, 39, pleaded not guilty to charges of third-degree sexual abuse, sexual exploitation by a counselor and child endangerment. A judge ordered that he be held at the Lee County Jail on a $500,000 cash-only bond. The charges come after a 19-month investigation into alleged abuse at the private, for-profit boarding school in Keokuk, in Iowa’s southeastern corner. The school, which enrolled about 100 students from mostly well-off families across the United States, closed in January 2016 after invest...Read More

Update On the Mexico Earthquake

In Mexico The biggest earthquake to hit Mexico in over a Century occurred on September the 7th and death toll is now put at 58. The earthquake is said to have moved the fault by 32 Feet. Seismologists now say the magnitude 8.1 quake was so large it moved the fault up by 32 feet, as the Cocos and North American tectonic plates collided. According to David Galloway, from the British Geological Survey, in a Yahoo report; “Since the initial quake, many aftershocks have been recorded, ranging between magnitude 4.3 and 5.7. Seismologists are currently monitoring for more, as these could pose a major risk to the buildings already destabilized by the initial 8.1 earthquake.” Several reports put the death toll at 58, with most killed in the states of Oaxaca, Chiapas and Tabasco. Photos ...Read More

Entire Island Buried Underwater In Hurricane

The island of Barbuda is “literally under water” and “barely habitable” after nearly all of its buildings were destroyed by Hurricane Irma. One death in Barbuda adds to two deaths in nearby St. Barts and St. Martin, according to the French Overseas Affairs Minister Annick Girardin. The estimated cost of rebuilding Barbuda is expected to be at least $150 million, the beginning of what could be a devastating impact from the storm that has hit Puerto Rico and is now moving towards the U.S. mainland. Authorities in Florida issued emergency warnings on Tuesday, with officials in Georgia and South Carolina following suit for their states’ coastal areas after forecasts showed Irma veering northward.  

Donald Trump’s Mansions Destroyed By Hurricane

An 11-bedroom mansion owned by President Donald Trump on the Caribbean island of St. Martin is reported to have been torn apart by Hurricane Irma. President Donald Trump has been trying to sell the property, a waterfront estate with a pool and fitness center, and lowered the listing price to $16.9 million from $28 million in August, according to the Washington Post.   RICHARD BRANSON’S HOME ALSO DESTROYED Meanwhile the luxury home of billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson in the British Virgin Islands was also destroyed. Branson’s son Sam posted the news of his father’s property’s destruction on Instagram earlier Thursday. His father, owner of Virgin Airlines and Virgin Media, among other interests, had tweeted ahead of the storm that he would be hunkering down with guests in ...Read More

Florida Braces For Hurricane Irma – Fox

In The United States Residents of Florida prepare for the strong storm coming

This man ‘had his parents fly from India to help him beat his disobedient wife’

A man’s parents reportedly flew from India to Florida to “discipline” his wife for “being disobedience”. Authorities rescued the mother of a one-year-old, from what they described as a “horribly abusive situation”. The woman, who has not been named, was held in her home against her will by her husband, Devbir Kalsi, 33. Police said his parents had flown to his home to participate in the abuse. The arrest report said Kalsi struck her “repeatedly and forcefully” and when the woman attempted to defend herself, his parents began hitting her too, leaving bruises on her face, neck and torso. The victim told her parents in India about the abuse who notified the sheriff’s office. The victim was heard inside the property screaming to be saved and asking officers to rescue her child. She was f...Read More

Ex-convict kidnaps former girlfriend who recently obtained a restraining order against him -DoroTV

Joseph Hetzel, a man considered armed and dangerous kidnapped his ex-girlfriend, Virginia Paris after she obtained a restraining order against him, authorities said. Joseph, 52, kidnapped Virginia Paris, 55, when she left work in Solvang on Friday night and took off in her black Chrysler, according to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office. On Sunday, the two stopped at a Starbucks in the suburbs of Phoenix, where Paris told a female customer she needed help, according to the sheriff’s office. But Hetzel spotted the interaction, dragged her out and forced her back into the car before the woman could respond. Paris managed to throw her car registration out the car door when Hetzel drove off, and the document was later discovered by police. The two were last seen on a surveillance c...Read More

North Korea Warns to Target the Entire Europe – Millitary Today

North Korea targeting Europe! Japan PM warns Kim Jong-un missile can strike UK and Europe North Korea fired a rocket over Japan as it tested its latest developments, feared by many to be for potential use on the United States.

United States orders closure of Russian consulate

The US has ordered Russia to close its consulate in San Francisco and buildings in Washington and New York that house trade missions. The announcement is the latest in tit-for-tat measures between the two countries that have helped to drive relations to a new post-Cold War low. Last month, Moscow ordered the United States to cut its diplomatic and technical staff in Russia by more than half. Meanwhile speculations have it that US president Donald Trump may have ordered the closure of the Russian Buildings.    

Donald Trump And The Hurricane Harvey

What else can Trump do to aid Harvey relief efforts? President Trump is reported to have donated $1m to victims of the Harvey Hurricane disaster, which analysts believe should be enough to quell wrong speculations about his candidature.

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