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Publiseer Book and Music Publishing – A Yhame! Review

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Okoli David U.

“Where could I get this book published?” I wondered

After awhile, I had forgotten about this until, recently at a social media group meant for authors and writers, I came across a short piece stating, or morelike, advertising the various services of a certain publishing firm and, “there;” I knew I got it.

I contacted, we started talking and I have never looked back ever since.

Publiseer is a publishing house that sprang up to address the need for Nigerians and more people to get their works (books, music and more…) published, marketed and sold online at no heavy costs to the author, infact all services are Free to the author.

Publiseer prides itself in being one of the few internet  service providers that provides this kind of solution in Nigeria.

According to the Publiseer Website:

Publiseer is an absolutely free, easy to use, digital publishing platform
tailored to meet the growing needs of independent Nigerian authors and artists.

Several services that are offered by the team at Publiseer and have been experienced include the following:

  • A professional book cover
  • A unique ISBN number
  • Worldwide book distribution to major ebookstores such as Amazon, ibookstore, Kobo, and more.
  • EPUB file conversion for easy distribution
  • Standard book formatting

I would therefore recommend the Publiseer Publishing Services to any serious author/writer who would love to take their written works to the next level.

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