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Igbos Won’t Support Secession – Okorocha

In Nigeria

Imo State governor, Rochas Okorocha, has insisted that no reasonable Igboman would support secession of the country, saying IPOB leader, Kanu,  should be treated as a single individual because reasonable Igbo people have condemned the group’s activities in all ramifications.

Governor Okorocha spoke in Owerri at the cultural festival organized by the State Council of Traditional Rulers.

The governor said, “I can see that the unity of Nigeria is today dramatized in the land of Imo State. I say so because growing up as a child, I never knew where I came from because I found myself somewhere in Plateau State as a little boy and the only language I could speak was the Hausa language and I had no choice because that was where I was brought up.

“So, I grew up being born an Igbo man, but was reared in the North and was made financially buoyant in the South-West.  I have declared myself that in no way should I be found as a tribalized Nigerian.

“I will remain detribalized as long as Igbos gave me parentage and childhood, as long as the North reared and nurtured me and for as long as South West empowered me. My community and my identity is Nigeria”.


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