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China Suffers Deadly Typhoon Disaster


In China

Typhoon Hato leaves 16 dead after lashing southern China

The death toll from Severe Typhoon Hato rose to at least 16, with at least eight people reportedly dead in Guangdong province, after the storm left a trail of destruction across southern China.

China’s weather service said the storm made landfall about noon in the Pearl river delta city of Zhuhai, in Guangdong province. At least four people died and 26,817 people evacuated to temporary shelters, the official Xinhua news agency said. Nearly two million households were briefly without power.

Train services were cancelled, fishing boats returned to harbour and more than 4,000 fish farmers and their families came to shore, Xinhua said. Waves up to 10 metres (33ft) high were expected in the South China Sea, the agency said.

Hato knocked out power in Macau, including at its famed casinos and a hospital, forcing it to use backup generators.



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