Donald Trump’s Mansions Destroyed By Hurricane

An 11-bedroom mansion owned by President Donald Trump on the Caribbean island of St. Martin is reported to have been torn apart by Hurricane Irma. President Donald Trump has been trying to sell the property, a waterfront estate with a pool and fitness center, and lowered the listing price to $16.9 million from $28 million in August, according to the Washington Post.   RICHARD BRANSON’S HOME ALSO DESTROYED Meanwhile the luxury home of billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson in the British Virgin Islands was also destroyed. Branson’s son Sam posted the news of his father’s property’s destruction on Instagram earlier Thursday. His father, owner of Virgin Airlines and Virgin Media, among other interests, had tweeted ahead of the storm that he would be hunkering down with guests in ...Read More

China Suffers Deadly Typhoon Disaster

In China Typhoon Hato leaves 16 dead after lashing southern China The death toll from Severe Typhoon Hato rose to at least 16, with at least eight people reportedly dead in Guangdong province, after the storm left a trail of destruction across southern China. China’s weather service said the storm made landfall about noon in the Pearl river delta city of Zhuhai, in Guangdong province. At least four people died and 26,817 people evacuated to temporary shelters, the official Xinhua news agency said. Nearly two million households were briefly without power. Train services were cancelled, fishing boats returned to harbour and more than 4,000 fish farmers and their families came to shore, Xinhua said. Waves up to 10 metres (33ft) high were expected in the South China Sea, the agency said. Hato ...Read More


IN YEMEN DUE TO THE CONTINUATION OF CONFLICT AND SIEGE, THE COUNTRY OF YEMEN IS GOING THROUGH DIFFICULT CIRCUMSTANCES, WHICH HAS AFFECTED THE ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL SITUATION OF ALL LEVELS OF CITIZENS. In general, the war affected the economic, educational, health and cultural levels of all members of society. As we know that the first effect of these wars and conflicts is the scarcity and high prices of oil derivatives. As Yemen is a developing country and most of its inhabitants are a low-income, low-income class that suffers from cutting-off sources of income as a result of continued war, the high prices of oil derivatives, the lack of water, cutting off services, and the spread of diseases have increased more the suffering of citizens in society. One of these affected areas, the governora...Read More