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Why You Should Consider A Course In Computers

A course in the field of Computers might just be what you need. If you’re looking for a college major that gives you an incredible job outlook, I have two words for you: Call it “computer science”; Call it “Information Technology”; You got it. In Nigeria, with Business centers and other businesses that use computers springing up everyday, there is definitely need for people with Information Technology expertise on the rise. In the US, there are almost 10 times more computing jobs open right now than there were students who graduated with computer science degrees in 2015. Also in the US; there are about 530,000 computing jobs currently open, according to, which used data from business research association The Conference Board. “Of course,” wrote former education secretary Arne Dunc...Read More

SSANU, NAAT, NASU Reach Agreement With FG

In Nigeria The staff and management of the various academic bodies on strike, has reached an agreement with the Federal Government of Nigeria on the matter. (Video Courtesy: Channelstv)

Publiseer Book and Music Publishing – A Yhame! Review

Okoli David U. “Where could I get this book published?” I wondered After awhile, I had forgotten about this until, recently at a social media group meant for authors and writers, I came across a short piece stating, or morelike, advertising the various services of a certain publishing firm and, “there;” I knew I got it. I contacted, we started talking and I have never looked back ever since. Publiseer is a publishing house that sprang up to address the need for Nigerians and more people to get their works (books, music and more…) published, marketed and sold online at no heavy costs to the author, infact all services are Free to the author. Publiseer prides itself in being one of the few internet  service providers that provides this kind of solution in Nigeri...Read More

Mom refuses to let her child be taught by a ‘fat teacher’

British journalist Hilary Freeman was searching for a nursery for her daughter — but when an overweight caretaker tended to her child at one of the trials, she knew the school wasn’t for her. Despite describing the woman as “kind and great with children,” Freeman couldn’t fathom the idea of leaving her child in her care. “She was only in her 20’s, but she was already obese — morbidly so. She moved slowly and breathlessly, her face flushed,” Freeman wrote for the Daily Mail. “Would she, I wondered, have the lightning reflexes needed to save an adventurous toddler from imminent danger?” Freeman later opted to send her daughter to a school where “the staff are all a healthy weight” — yet she denies her decision was in any way discriminatory. “What sort of unhealthy habits would she teac...Read More

Boarding school owner charged with abusing teenage students – AP

The owner of a boarding school for teenagers coerced one student into a sexual relationship, had girls undress during “body image therapy” sessions and put some students in solitary confinement for days, Iowa prosecutors alleged Friday. Former Midwest Academy director Benjamin Trane, 39, pleaded not guilty to charges of third-degree sexual abuse, sexual exploitation by a counselor and child endangerment. A judge ordered that he be held at the Lee County Jail on a $500,000 cash-only bond. The charges come after a 19-month investigation into alleged abuse at the private, for-profit boarding school in Keokuk, in Iowa’s southeastern corner. The school, which enrolled about 100 students from mostly well-off families across the United States, closed in January 2016 after invest...Read More


THIS IS A POEM WHICH TELLS THE STORY OF A BOY WHO DISLIKE RUNNING ERRANDS THUS THE FUNNY BEHAVIOURS AND ACTIONS OF THE BOY ARE SHOWN IN THE POEM. THE ERRAND BOY I’d love to wake up in an early morn Out just to witness the dew Even in the sun, I’ll prefer plucking a corn Errandery, oh! It drives all joy away Even in it’s minutae I’ll rather die facing a scorn. Now that the razzmatazz of nature feels like vindaloo Tossed around like a lost nylon, it gives no time to play And day by day this will pry. No time to fish , no time to swim oh! It drives all joy away Oh! Mother give me a break Errandery has gotten my peace dry Am dripping sick , I lied When she’s out,I sneak to lake. Happiness is restored at least in mild.


BLEEDING HEART Whose blood is this that waste Like the water from a mistaken Open tap? Oh Romeo of our ages! Why hath this befallen me? You vow to be my ever lover And I place you in my heart Forever and ever I put you in a place where You will not shiver But your heartless action caused Me Lassa fever I put you in a place where blood flows Thinking you will enhance My psychological growth But you appear a predatory Night Owl And pierced my heart with A poisonous Arrow Now my heart bleed of betrayal Betrayal of such a damsel Seems peculier Peculiar in the sense of immemorial Whose fault is it that am dying As romeo the lover. © Adedamola Quadri Adeniyi All Right Reserved 2016

Living Souls By Eugy Enoch – Book Review

Official Yhame! (Book) Review David U. Enoch LIVING SOULS (the book) talks about the pain to fame that is experienced by alot of young people in society today. Enoch writes with such suspense-filled, frightening, yet extremely lovable precision that would make anyone read this book over and over. Beginning from Daniel Loosing his parents both day in a car accident, to being taken care of and sent to higher institution by his uncle and family. In higher school, Daniel is re-united with his childhood friend, Alfred who exposes him to the ills and thrills of higher institution which Daniel can’t say didn’t; rather strangely, inspire him to stick to pursuing his dreams, which he believes will make his parents very proud of him- Wherever they are. This book is indeed an encouraging,...Read More


ITS A POEM CUM ARTICLE WHICH DESCRIBE THE FACT THAT MANY PEOPLE ARE NOT BORN WITH A SILVER SPOON BUT AS TIME GOES ON,THEY TEND TO MAKE A WOODEN SILVER WITH THEIR HARDWORKING AND STRUGGLE. IT ALSO MOTIVATES THE MIND OTHER POOR NOT TO FEEL BAD BECAUSE OF THEIR PREDICAMENT BUT WORK HARD TO MAKE THEIR OWN SILVER SPOON EVEN IF ITS WOODEN. WOODEN SILVER Who said that we said that you ain’t saying it? Our breast milk taste like sweat. Labour via labour,our armpits drip salts. For the little we have,the hawks will steal Flattering wings to take our spoils. At the other end, behold silver spoons were shared Shared like bread to the fortunate. Nothing to show for ,we had not one. Our face squeezed to the reverbs of poverty Our backs pierced with the pangs of hard work Edibles played hide and s...Read More


ENJOY SHORT POEM OF THE DAY TITLED: DO YOU KNOW ME? BY ADEDAMOLA QUADRI ADENIYI. ALL RIGHT RESERVED. DO YOU KNOW ME? I am the son of a crown the prince of prince In me lies a traditional diadem with the charms of ancestral Immortality from the gods. I am the the ray of the sun that bright up the day of man, The subordinate moon that illuminate the dark night. The dark darkness that impact knowledge into the head of a duller to view the hidden light in the face of murk. I am that beautiful rose planted in the soul of your heart to circulate pure love into the blood of your vein. I am the enigmatic creature that live no life but dwell Between the heaven and earth. I am the learning poet that write to divert your mindset from the perspective of evil unto the favor in goodness and benevolence....Read More