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Ambassador Terms

What Is Involved In the Yhame Brand Ambassador Contest

The Yhame Brand Ambassador Contest seeks to appoint somebody who shall carry the face of the Yhame brand for a period of time as stipulated(monthly and yearly and/or as otherwise agreed between the two parties involved.)

There shall be contestants who will be entered into the contest monthly and charged a one-time fee of N1,000(One Thousand Naira only) as an application fee after which the contestant will be required to fill a form at the Yhame website or via any other designated channel to begin this stage of the contest.

After which all contestants will be made to fill a questionnaire upon which five(5) winners at this stage, will be selected to contest against each other for the Yhame Brand Ambassador of the month.

Each contestant may re-enter for each subsequent month and the winner of up to four(4) months, get to become the Yhame! Brand ambassador of the year.

Every contestant is meant to promote the Yhame! Brand vigorously and votes will be cast on the Yhame social media groups and website to pick the final winner who will crowned Yhame! Brand Ambassador for each month/year under review.

This contest will seek to bring together all Yhame readers into one platform and will seek to promote their works and endeavor on the Yhame website, other websites, social media and on magazine.

What Contestants and Winners Stand To Gain

Contestants gain massive publicity of their works and endeavors on websites, including the Yhame website and social media.

A Yhame! Ambassador will have a profile of 700-1500 words about himself/herself, consisting of detailed biography and also describing what they do.

Winners gain all stated above plus magazine publicity, interview and cover page modeling opportunities all for free. This publicity will be carried out on magazines, Wikis, the web, social media, magazines, and other media as the Yhame! Group will be deemed necessary or as agreed.

Winners also get 10% of Yhame’s revenue for the month.

Winners will be made writers/authors on the Yhame website to publish and promote their own content and that of others and also be able to advertise at will at Yhame site and magazine and may charge his own money for this ads/guest post, and may keep all profits but will bear the responsibility of promoting these ads.

Ambassadors will be added to the Yhame TV so they may upload relevant videos on Yhame TV(via Youtube). All videos should be branded “Yhame TV” or just with the “Yh” Logo and videos can be in any category, that is news, on the streets, interview, music, movies and more.

Any event that is listed on Yhame! Events for which the Ambassador can perform, and add value to, in any way, Yhame! Events will use it’s influence and negotiation to get the ambassador to perform or anchor this event, all expenses paid.

Ambassador also gets a free magazine cover page photo display and interview to be published on both site and magazine.

Winners will also be invited to join the editorial team at the Yhame social media groups and pages.

What is expected of contestants and winners

All contestants should be atleast 18years of age.

All Contestants and winners will be made to force people visit the site and more.

Contestants and winners are expected to actively promote the site and the competition using all means possible and on the web, social media and mobile platforms.

Contestants and winners should be influencers and have a solid social media following.

Contestants and winners are expected to be smart, sharp and play by the rules.


By filling the form to apply for the Yhame! Brand Ambassador, all contestants also agree to the terms and conditions.

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